Alumni Association

Our Vision

        The Alumni Association of St. Mary, Star of the Sea School accepts and embraces the responsibilities of partnership with present and future generations of schoolmates.

        As the extension in space and time of the faith and scholastic community of our alma mater, we are part of a living vine that extends back 150 years to the founders of our parish and school.

        Just as we benefited from the Catholic community tradition of the religious nuns, brothers, and brick and mortar of our ancestors, so also we generously offer our support in new and creative ways.

Our Mission

        The goal of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Alumni Association is to support and encourage the same formation in faith, values and education that shaped us.

        Our material, educational, experiential and spiritual support of Catholic education will allow today‚Äôs students to grow, and enable us to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the parish of our childhood, our community and the world.


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Class of 1926

Last Name First Name  
Boudreau Evangeline  
Brackley Foster Rita  
Browne Thomas  
Dillon Rosalie  
Dole William  
Donald Doris  
Griffin RitaMarie  
Harris Mildred  
Hill Janet  
Marasco Elsie  
McCahill Claire  
McDonough Thomas  
McMullen, RSCJ Sister Faine  
McNally Gertrude  
McNamara Miriam  
Mulcahy Patricia  
Murphy Anna  
O'Brien James  
Rairden Marie  
Santora Isabella  
Smith Margaret  
Thoma Helen  
Thornton Marcella  
Webster Cecil  
Wendt Rita  



Class of 1927

Last Name   First Name    
Abrams Robert  
Anderson Joseph H.  
Betucci Angelina  
Burns Austin  
Caffertry Francis  
Castelli Priscilla  
Duggan John  
Dulin James  
Flynn Martin  
Foster Thomas  
Geary John  
Hickey Francis  
Kestler Margarite  
Lally Joseph  
Lehman Joseph  
Lynch Virginia  
Lynch Catherine  
McAllister Angeline  
McCrossen Edward  
McGough Clifford  
McKenna Elizabeth  
McLarney Leo  
McPhillips Mary  
Michels William  
Mooney Florence  
Morasco Vincent  
Morrison Eleanor  
Mott Blanche  
Mulcahy Daniel  
Mulry Edward  
Murphy Carolyn  
Naughton Patrick  
Naughton Edward  
O'Reilly William  
Paroubek Anthony  
Raab Fabian  
Rogan James  
Rogan Anna  
Rorke Mary  
Shanahan Thomas  
Shepard Patricia  
Smith Eleanore  
Treacy Hubert  



Class of 1928

Last Name   First Name    
Abrams Margaret  
Boudreau Elizabeth  
Buffolino Michael  
Casey Rose  
Casey Frances  
Dalton James  
Daly Mary  
Dexter William  
Dollard Francis  
Dollard Joseph  
Dowling Odenthal Rita  
Farley Mary  
Faulkner Mary  
George Anthony  
Girard Florence  
Gordon Adele  
Griffin Maurice  
Kelly Margaret  
Kings John  
Lundell Richard  
Mansfield Richard  
Marasco Cardea Josephine  
McCahill Francis  
McDonald Eleanore  
Mehegan Albert  
Michels Catherine  
Mott Dorothy  
Nolen Anna  
O'Brien Anna  
Riedel Dorothy  
Rivara John  
Simpson Mary  
Smith Rita  
Snowber Gruning Mary  
Tingle Margaret  
Treacy Margaret  
Turner Grace  
Wallace Rita  



Class of 1929

Last Name   First Name    
Barry Francis  
Boudreau Alberta  
Burns Raymond
Campbell Loughman Kathleen M.  
Casey Jane  
Christ Elizabeth  
Corio George  
Dollard Edward  
Dollard Edgar  
Dollard James  
Duncan Eugene  
Dwyer Carleton  
Egan Marietta  
Faulkner Frances  
Flynn Edward  
Geary Rosemary  
Godfrey Marion  
Griffin Dorothy  
Harris Fidelis  
Hickey George  
Hickey Catherine  
Kaszuba Marie  
Kennedy William  
Krpata Charles  
Lavell Robert  
Lehman Florence  
Mooney Rose  
Mulcahy Rita  
Naughton Mary  
Raab Gerard  
Rairden Cornelius  
Rivara Frederick  
Rohan Catherine  
Shanahan Joseph  
Shea MaryEllen  
Simpson Margaret  
Smith William  
Smith Dorothy  
Smith Gertrude  
Spitler Herbert  
Tingle Dorothy  
Vagnier Mary  
Vaughn Marie  
Vergara Joseph  
Webster Edward  
Wendt Eileen  



Class of 1930

Last Name   First Name    
Atkin Raymond  
Bracchy Elvira  
Carr Virginia  
Carroll Elizabeth  
Christ Louise  
Crossen James  
Dalton Paul  
Dieringer Sellers Rita  
Dillon Howard  
Dole Joseph  
Durlano William  
Hinch Margaret  
Kelly Frederick  
Kennedy Catherine  
Krpata Francis  
Kursar Mary  
Loughman Edward  
Lundell Robert  
McMullen, SJ Rev. Aidan  
Meade Winifred  
Michels Rose  
Morasco Andrew  
Moshier Marie  
Mott Rita  
Nason Gardner  
Planthaber Helen  
Rutletge Margaret  
Shepard Josephine  
Smith Vera  
Thoma Howard  
Thornton, SC Br Mark  
Walker George  
Walsh Joseph  
Webster Richard  
Webster Ernest  
Weeks Louise  
Werneken Harry  



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