Alumni Association

Our Vision

        The Alumni Association of St. Mary, Star of the Sea School accepts and embraces the responsibilities of partnership with present and future generations of schoolmates.

        As the extension in space and time of the faith and scholastic community of our alma mater, we are part of a living vine that extends back 150 years to the founders of our parish and school.

        Just as we benefited from the Catholic community tradition of the religious nuns, brothers, and brick and mortar of our ancestors, so also we generously offer our support in new and creative ways.

Our Mission

        The goal of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Alumni Association is to support and encourage the same formation in faith, values and education that shaped us.

        Our material, educational, experiential and spiritual support of Catholic education will allow today‚Äôs students to grow, and enable us to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the parish of our childhood, our community and the world.


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Class of 1931

Last Name   First Name    
Ahearn John  
Atkin Edward  
Baltes John  
Balzer William  
Berkery Emmett  
Bigott Frank  
Caffertry Pastor Helen U.  
Callahan Frances  
Campbell John  
Carnival James  
Conerty Rita  
Denecker Elizabeth  
Devlin Francis  
Dieringer Williams Frances  
Donald Jane  
Drobinski Felicia  
Duncan Helen  
Faulkner Catherine  
Fee James  
Flynn Margaret  
Godfrey Rasmussen Frances  
Grimaldi Teresa  
Gutemberg Rita  
Harris Nora  
Herbeck Marie  
Hirschberg Julia  
Hunt Robert  
Kenworthy Kathryn  
Krpata Eileen  
Lehman Frances  
Lehman Stephen  
Lehman Francis  
Licurse Alice  
Lincoln Lois  
McCloat Catherine  
McCormack Lucy  
McKenna William  
McKenna John L.  
McMannon Catherine  
McManus Genevieve  
McMullen Grail  
Meaney Joseph  
Morris Joseph  
Orff Grace  
Rhatigan Edward  
Rice Catherine  
Rutletge Kathleen  
Shea Francis  
Smith Joseph  
Stasi Caroline  
Stick Catherine  
Traver Loretta  
Vergara Albert  
Webster Frederick  
Webster James  
Wood Grace  



Class of 1932

Last Name   First Name    
Blacklet Walter  
Burns Mary  
Conerty Mary  
Curcio William  
Daley Maurice  
Devlin Lorraine  
Dexter James  
Dmytriw Hahn Katherine  
Egan Dennis  
Harrison Marie  
Higgins Marion  
Kelly James  
Kelly Margaret  
Kennedy Sighle  
Lavell Thomas  
Lehman Genevieve  
Lundell Marie  
Mahon Leo  
McCauley Joseph  
Metz Walter  
O'Reilly Lucille  
Rairden George  
Ries Helen  
Roche Florence  
Simpson George  
Snowber Eileen  
Stanton Walter  
Traver Philip  
Walsh Agnes  
Wendt John  



Class of 1933

Last Name   First Name    
Atkin Dolan Catherine  
Balzer Lucille  
Barry John  
Bell John  
Bullwinkle Herbert  
Cahill Patrick J.  
Carnival Robert  
Carr John  
Cassese Margaret  
Checher Anna  
Conerty William  
Dolan Thomas  
Finley Peter  
Freise Alice Weidner  
Gaffney Helen  
Gentakes John  
Grimaldi Licursi Mary  
Guhman Elsie  
Hallahan Dorothy  
Hannigan Philip  
Hines Joseph  
Jones Gerald  
Killoran John  
Killoran Luke  
Lavelle Frank  
Lederer Henry  
Lehman John  
Lewis Mary  
Lucas Dorothy  
Lucas George  
McGuire Mildred  
Meaney Margaret  
Mezzanotte Isidore  
Mezzanotte Rose  
Morris Alice  
Mulcahy Browne Catherine  
Nathan Frederick  
O'Brien Arthur  
O'Leary David  
Phelan William  
Rairden Helen  
Ryan John  
Shea Margaret  
Smith Helen Rita  
Smith Elizabeth  
Smith Rose  
Snowber Thomas  
Sullivan Irene  
Turley Mary  
VanGlahn Arthur  
Venezia Frances  
Webster John  
Webster Kathleen  
Webster Holmes Marion  
Wendt Helen  
Williams Robert  



Class of 1934

Last Name   First Name    
Balzer Mary  
Barton Robert  
Berkery Lenore  
Bigott Edward  
Boehret George  
Carnival Grace  
Carr Lawrence  
Checher Mary  
Conlon Anna  
Corkery Marguerite  
Cunningham Madeline  
DiPalma Mary  
Dolan Frank  
Dorie Francis  
Douglas Joseph  
Giannola Francis  
Godfrey William  
Grimaldi Simmons Carmella  
Halley Ann  
Jenduso Victor  
Kelly Dorothy  
Koppe Alice Davison  
Krpata Elizabeth  
Krpata Daniel  
Lehman Joseph  
Lennon William  
Loughman Helen  
Meade Joseph  
Metz James  
Moreo Peter  
Moreo Asprea Jeanette  
Muir Ernest  
Murphy Helen  
Nathan George  
Naughton John  
Nolen Mary  
Nolen Mary  
Notturno Virginia  
Notturno Virginia  
Nugent Helen  
Pedian Frances  
Phelan Barden Catherine  
Planthaber William  
Porcella Anthony  
Riedel John  
Rivara Theresa  
Rogan Thomas  
Ryan Frances  
Ryan James  
Smith Alfred  
Snowber Margaret  
Soper Audrey  
Tennant Vincent  
Thom Joseph  
Vaughn Eileen  
Venezio Joseph  
Waldron Mary  
Wallace Ann  
Webster Arthur  
Wood Walter  



Class of 1935

Last Name   First Name    
Ballow John  
Balzer Grace  
Burke Paul  
Busby Francis  
Campbell Donald  
Cannon John  
Cassese Rose  
Cellamare Helen  
Davison Marie  
DeMayo Anthony  
Denecker Richard  
Dexter Edith  
Dieringer Hynes Louise  
Dolan Eileen  
Dollard Julia  
Donahue Peter  
Donahue Mary  
Donald Margaret  
Edmondson Robert  
Gahn Joan  
Galligan John  
Geib John  
Hallahan Claire  
Hartigan William  
Hickey Catharine  
Hicks Charles  
Higgins Genevieve  
Hirchberg Robert  
Kennedy Ethne  
Lawless Eugene  
Lehman John  
Lucas Helen  
Lundell Angela  
Mansfield Robert  
McAuliffe Patricia  
McDonald Philip  
McMannon James  
McMannon John  
Meade Eileen  
Mezzonate Clement  
Milne Robert  
Moore Patricia  
Moreo Rocco  
Morris Elizabeth F.  
Morris John  
Noonan Regina  
O'Neil Rebecca  
Phelan James  
Praitano Anthony  
Rairden Edna  
Reilly Mary  
Reilly Marie  
Rice Berbard  
Rizzo Frederick  
Rizzo Dominick  
Ryan Thomas  
Seawell Lela  
Sherman John  
Simpson Emery  
Smith William J.  
Smith Catherine  
Snowber John  
Snowber Sluys Eleanor  
Venezio Frank  
Waldron Martin  
Webster Joseph  



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