Alumni Association

Our Vision

        The Alumni Association of St. Mary, Star of the Sea School accepts and embraces the responsibilities of partnership with present and future generations of schoolmates.

        As the extension in space and time of the faith and scholastic community of our alma mater, we are part of a living vine that extends back 150 years to the founders of our parish and school.

        Just as we benefited from the Catholic community tradition of the religious nuns, brothers, and brick and mortar of our ancestors, so also we generously offer our support in new and creative ways.

Our Mission

        The goal of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Alumni Association is to support and encourage the same formation in faith, values and education that shaped us.

        Our material, educational, experiential and spiritual support of Catholic education will allow today‚Äôs students to grow, and enable us to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the parish of our childhood, our community and the world.


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Class of 1936

Last Name   First Name    
Arpad Erdos  
AtkinSr. Frederick  
Ballow James  
Boudreau Alben  
Buffolino Vincent  
Burney Louise  
Callamere Frank  
Casey Catherine  
Casey Thomas  
Chapin James  
Christ Helen  
Denecker Alice  
Diedricks Ralph  
Embry Marie  
Flick Virginia  
Gagliano Christine  
Gilliams John  
Grimes John  
Jolly Ralph  
Killoran Dorothy  
Loughman Rose Mary  
McMannon Mary  
Mezzanotte John  
Morasco Victor  
Morris Elizabeth Mary  
Natturno Carl  
O'Brien Ballald Mary  
O'Brien Kraft Kathleen  
O'Connor Geraldine R.  
O'Donnell Harry  
Parola James  
Patterson Anna  
Reardon John  
Riely Eugene  
Smith Peter  
Strassel Louise  
Taylor Agnes  
Tierney John  
Walker Reardon Genevieve  
Weidner Marion  
Winters Olive  


Class of 1937

Last Name   First Name    
Bishop George  
Cahill Patrick  
Campbell Gordon  
Canfield Genevieve  
Cittar Vincent  
D'Agostino  Gloria  
Dahler Maureen  
Dieringer Marguerite  
Dmytrico Olga  
Galligan Edward  
Giannola Paul  
Grammas Novello Anna Marie  
Grimes Patricia  
Hawes Chester  
Higgins Thomas  
Higgins James  
Kane Mary  
Kane Joseph  
Kennedy Fergus  
Krpata Dorothy  
Lattanzi Laura  
Lavelle Edward  
Lawless Margaret  
Lehman Helen  
MacNulty John & Pauline  
Marks Phyllis  
McHugh Grace  
Meade Margaret  
Melahn Frances  
Mezzanotte  Jean  
Nathan Mary  
Nugent John  
O'Brien James P.  
O'Brien Joseph  
Phelan Patrick  
Redican Mary  
Roche Edyth  
Rutletge Thomas  
Ryan Joseph  
Sagona William  
Shea Vincent  
Shields Muriel  
Snyder Henrietta  
Treacy Julia  
Turley Catherine  
Vergara William  
Walker Frederick  
Webster Annette  



Class of 1938

Last Name   First Name    
Abrams Margaret  
Balzer Eugene  
Berkery Thomas  
Boyle Kathleen  
Brown Anna Marie  
Busby Elizabeth  
Callamere Van Vorst  
Casey Elizabeth  
Cassese Anthony  
Cassese Frank  
Smith Claire  
Christ Henry  
Clancy Catherine  
Crossen Anne  
DeMarco Stephen  
DeNapoli Dominick  
DeNapoli Margaret  
Diener Harry  
Dulin John  
Egan Thomas  
Embry Betty Jane  
Feeney Jane  
Fogarty Catherine  
Galligan John  
Goebel Ann  
Grimaldi Anthony  
Henehan Lennon Eileen  
Hug Edward  
Hurley Mary  
MacDonald Bernice  
Mahon James  
Marasco Theodore  
Massman Elizabeth  
McHugh William  
McMenony Cecelia  
McNulty Joseph  
Melahn George  
Melahn Joseph  
Metz Harry  
Monahan Louis  
Morasco Theodore  
Moreo Rosa  
Nammack Griswald  
O'Brien Bernard  
Planthaber  Roselle  
Rivara Angela  
Ryan Eugene  
Shanahan William  
Smith Herbert  
Smith Jane  
Snowber Robert  
Steger James  
Tracey Joseph  
Waldron Julia  
Webster Mary  
Wilson Irene  



Class of 1939

Last Name   First Name    
Asmus Lila  
Atkin John  
Bayer James  
Bombara Mary  
Boyle Margaret  
Brown Marjorie  
Burnett Edward  
Burney James  
Carr Mary Eileen  
Cassese Long Jane  
Christ Philip  
DeMarco Virginia  
Diener Dorothy  
Diener Anna Irene  
Diener Alice  
Dieringer Edna R.  
Donahue Charles  
Farrell Jeanne  
Geib Jean  
Grammas John  
Greenwood Marie  
Hannigan John  
Hannon Robert  
Hinken Ruth  
Hurley William  
Killoran Maryanne  
Krpata Edwin  
Krpata Regina  
Kucker Helen  
Lattanzi Josephine  
Lawless John  
Lewis Adelaide  
Mahoney Mary  
Mayer Donald  
McGinn Willis Elizabeth  
Moreo Rose  
Moreo Laura  
Morin William  
Morris William  
Natturno Robert  
Nelson John  
Nutley Mary  
O'Brien Eleanor  
O'Donnell Mary  
O'Neil Charles  
Orff Freda  
Porcella Thomas  
Radigan Beatrice  
Redican Kathleen  
Roche Carole  
Rowan John  
Schiavore Vincent  
Simmons Helen  
Smith George  
Snyder James  
Strassel George  
Tierney Robert  
Venezia Dorothy  
Venezia Mary  
Walsh Edward  
Waring Florence  
Weyers Rita  
Wilkinson John  
Windorf Leah  
Woska John  



Class of 1940

Last Name   First Name    
Anderson Lilyan  
Bacon Carol  
Balzer Adam  
Bell Mary  
Bonner Harold  
Callahan Tynion Julann  
Cardea Josephine  
Cardea Atkin Helen  
Carr Thomas  
Conlin Maria  
DeNapoli Antoinette  
Diener Anna  
Dieringer Joseph  
Donohue, OC Rev.Timothy  
Duffy Patricia  
Eagan Jane  
Gahn Helen  
Galligan James  
Gluck Edward  
Green Claire  
Greenwood William  
Higgins Robert  
Hinken Albert  
Jaycox Edna  
Jeffers Adele  
Kelly Frances  
Kennedy William  
Kenny Edwin  
Lang Martin  
Lehman Francis  
Liegey Jr. Gabriel  
Lucas William  
Mahon Stephen  
Marchione Rose Marie  
McAvoy Roth Patricia  
McGlone Cannon Agnes  
McManus Mary  
Melahn McNerney Rita  
Mezzanotte Anna  
O'Brien Daniel  
O'Connor Thomas  
Parlo Patricia  
Parry John  
Phelan Thomas  
Radigan O'Donnell Jean  
Reardon William  
Roche Helen  
Rose Marie McGinley Solliday  
Schaub John  
Schilo Joan  
Schwab Irene  
Smith Henry  
Smith Lucille  
Smith Molinari Margaret  
Sullivan Santarelli Dolores  
Thom Mary  
VanBuren Jerome  
Watkins Edwin  
Whelan Francis  
White Frances  
Wright John  
Young Smith Gloria  



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