Alumni Association

Our Vision

        The Alumni Association of St. Mary, Star of the Sea School accepts and embraces the responsibilities of partnership with present and future generations of schoolmates.

        As the extension in space and time of the faith and scholastic community of our alma mater, we are part of a living vine that extends back 150 years to the founders of our parish and school.

        Just as we benefited from the Catholic community tradition of the religious nuns, brothers, and brick and mortar of our ancestors, so also we generously offer our support in new and creative ways.

Our Mission

        The goal of the St. Mary Star of the Sea Alumni Association is to support and encourage the same formation in faith, values and education that shaped us.

        Our material, educational, experiential and spiritual support of Catholic education will allow today’s students to grow, and enable us to contribute in a meaningful way to the betterment of the parish of our childhood, our community and the world.


Class of 2011

Last Name   First Name    
Acosta Rafael  
Allonce Shanice  
Armstrong Activea  
Baptiste Alexis  
Bobadilla Deanna  
Carranza Genesis  
Cordero Victor  
Garcia Brittany  
Gardner Matthew  
Gedeon Niachloe  
Gomez Wenderlin  
Green Brandon  
Johnson Jahnna  
Jones Alize  
Marriaga Steven  
McLetchie Cayla  
Metellas Catalina  
Michel Jamal  
Pulue Jennifer  
Roberts Matthew  
Rosario Daniel  
Viassy Ashawn  
Williams Samantha  
Wishropp Risarah  



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